Why Do Small Business Websites Get Hacked?

We get this question a lot. Small business websites are targeted because there is a higher chance there are security vulnerability issues, like: Weak passwords Plugins that haven't been updated Theme that haven't been updated Poorly written code Unsecured sever where the site is hosted These are the most common reasons why a small ... Read More »

28th Oct 2020
Web Hosting: Is There Really a Difference in Quality Between Hosting Companies?

Web hosting companies have popped up all over the world since the internet took off on the late 1990's. At first, the hosting companies were almost all the same as there wasn't as many manufacturers of servers and server components. These days, there are many more manufacturers and many different grades of quality. We constantly see their ... Read More »

28th Oct 2020
Free Website Security/Hack Check! Plus Hack Removal Services For WordPress and HTML Websites

Is Your WordPress Website Hacked, or HTML Website Hacked? We now offer a free website security check and free website hack checking services. We will check your website for free and report back to you with our findings. There is no charge for this service. If we do find a hack on your website, or a website security issue we will give you a free ... Read More »

14th Nov 2019
Website Security: How Important is Website Security?

Website security has been downplayed for many years, but now more than ever it is crucial that your website uses the latest technology available to keep your website secure. Gone are the days of not worrying about the backend of your website being hacked into. Many people think it's just humans trying to guess passwords but that's not even close ... Read More »

27th Aug 2019
Modern Concepts Moves to Brookline New Hampshire

We are excited to announce we have recently moved to Brookline New Hampshire! We hope to meet some of the business owners and residents of the Brookline, Hollis, Milford, Wilton, Greenville, Mason, Amherst, and Bedford areas of New Hampshire (Souhegan Valley region of NH), and in the Townsend MA, Pepperell MA area. We still offer our full services ... Read More »

3rd Jun 2019
Websites For Clubs (Snowmobile Clubs and ATV Club Website Services)

Websites for Snowmobile Clubs and ATV Clubs are just one of the specialities offered at Modern Concepts. Having had the experience of being a club member, then Vice-President, and eventually President of a snowmobile club, owner Matt Goodwin has had extensive knowledge about what is needed for a snowmobile club to be successful online and which ... Read More »

30th May 2019
Free Website Builders Now Available!

Modern Concepts just launched a full line of free website builders with any hosting account purchase! In just a few minutes you can set up software like: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento, and so much more! And, as always...  If you get stuck we're here to help!

13th Apr 2017
Modern Concepts Launches New Company Website

Welcome to our new website! Our new site offers many new features and account management tools. We also have a new support ticket system, domain registration, and much more!

Take a look around and let us know if you need any help with your site or if you need assitance with our new features.

11th Feb 2017