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Website Design Services:

Thinking about having a new website built or having your old website redesigned? We can handle any website design project! Modern Concepts specializes in search engine friendly website designs that can be edited easily, saving you money on website editing services after the design is complete. We can build a website for you that you can edit yourself without any special knowledge or complicated coding.

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Our Website Design Services: The Process

To start off, we find out a little about your business needs so we can provide you with an accurate cost to complete your website design project. Most important is whether your business will need to be found on search engines as most businesses will benefit from a high visibility website. If your business can benefit from a website that ranks well on search engines the website design process is focused on that right from the selection of the domain names we present to you. Your Search Engine Optimization needs are always the first thing that needs to be considered because proper SEO starts before the domain name is even registered.

Once you hire Modern Concepts to complete your website design project we immediately begin working for you. First we research the market, check your competition and research available domain names for your website. We then present the domains name we found for your for approval. You can select as many of these domain names you want, we can forward multiple domain names to a single website to prevent your competition from registering them.

After the domain name(s) have been selected and registered we set up your website hosting account on our servers. Website hosting is required to store the files for your website. Read more about our website hosting services.

Once we have the best possible combination of looks and functionality along with a search engine friendly design (if required) we begin the design process.

Timing depends on the complexity of the design and functions of the website. Once the website is designed we begin adding information to your site. It is highly preferred that you provide us with the text to be used on your website since you are the expert in your field. Read more about writing your own text. We are able to come up with stock images for your website but there are some photos that may be best coming from you, this is handled on a case by case basis.

Once we have your text and images added to the new site we present the finished website to you for your final approval. At that time you can specify if you would like to wait until a specific launch date or if you want to launch the new website immediately.

Don’t like the design? No problem! We will scrap the entire design and start over. We never leave you with a website you don’t like, EVER!

Because every business is different we handle every client’s needs on an individual basis and offer free quotes for website design services. We also offer discounts for clients who purchase multiple services. If you would like a free quote on website design services, please contact us. Don’t worry, we do not add you to a list and keep contacting you! If you don’t like the quote we would prefer you let us know so we can discuss it but we won’t keep bugging you! We may follow up if you don’t reply but we won’t drive you nuts (we promise!)

View Website Design Packages and Financing Options

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