Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO):

Search engine optimization services are a crucial part of any business that depends on getting traffic to their website from search engines. In today’s online marketplace knowing how to get top results on search engines can be a daunting task, even for a seasoned SEO expert. Hiring the right Search Engine Optimization guru is essential to getting your business to the top of search results!


So who is the search engine optimization guru at Modern Concepts? Matt Goodwin is the SEO expert here. He has over 18 years of search engine optimization experience!


“It all started in 1996 when I was working for an automotive engine replacement company in Nashua, NH. We had a few fierce competitors in the local area, one of which was a big corporation. They hired an SEO company once they discovered we were online and our rankings were increasing. Since I am a very tenacious person I kept the heat on them and eventually gained the top positions for the competed keywords. This SEO competition angered the competitor to the point that he called me on the phone and yelled at me. He called back the next day to apologize and then offered me a job (which I turned down). I knew right then that I must have a knack for what I do. It was exciting to take a very small business and put it up against a huge corporation and succeed! SEO instantly became a passion of mine and its something I am just as passionate about today.”


Matt Goodwin is also a published author of the book “Search Engine Optimization Secrets For Small Businesses: A Quick-Start Reference Guide” – In his book he offers up some basic information for search engine optimization. The book is geared towards the do-it-yourself crowd who is just starting out with a website. The book guides the reader and gives some do’s and dont’s for search engine optimization. SEO is a difficult process that really should be handled by a professional but if you find yourself without a budget for professional Search Engine Optimization services but still needing a little help you may find yourself tring the DIY route and this book is a great place to start!


Why is SEO so Difficult?
Search engines are changing their algorithms constantly. These changes are frequent and can send a website that is not well optimized or over-optimized to the bottom of search results in an instant. At Modern Concepts we continually watch and test search engines and the changes that are made to their algorithms so we can offer the latest and most advanced SEO services available. We maintain over 30 test sites so that we can see first hand what is happening. We watch the search engine updates and how it affects these test sites. We take all the knowledge gained from this testing to work for our clients.


How Long Does it Take For Search Engine Optimization Services to Work?

Search engine optimization services never work instantly. You need to allow time for search engines to index your site again and also to find and connect the other things that have been done to improve your search engine rankings. Additionally, you also have to take under consideration that our professional search engine optimization services have a timed roll-out. You can’t do too much too fast or your website could be banned for over-optimization. There is an art to proper and ethical SEO. We normally tell our clients to give us about 90 days to show results. Have our clients seen results faster? Yes! The fastest was 5 days but that is a rare case. Keep the 90 day marker in mind when using our search engine optimization services


Search Engine Optimization Costs:

Search engine optimization rates will vary depending on your business, the amount of competition for keywords related to your business, and how aggressive of an SEO campaign you need. Modern Concepts offers a variety of different techniques to help get your website the best possible search engine rankings for your budget. We won’t oversell you optimization services! The way we see it is your company needs to see a profit on your investment, better known as a “Return on Investment” (ROI). If we can do that we know you will be our client for many years. This is why performance is so important to us! Here are some of our more popular plans. Feel free to purchase one of the plans you feel best fits your budget. Once we begin we may recommend increasing or decreasing the plan you purchased if we feel it is not a good match for your company or Contact us for a free estimate for SEO services!

Basic SEO Plan
SEO Expert Assigned to Your Website For up to 2 Hours a Month *
American Based
No Off-Shore 3rd Party Services
Basic+ Plan
SEO Expert Assigned to Your Website For up to 4 Hours a Month *
American Based
No Off-Shore 3rd Party Services
Premium Plan
SEO Expert Assigned to Your Website For up to 7 Hours a Month *
American Based
No Off-Shore 3rd Party Services
* Time spent may vary depending on whether any 3rd party costs are incurred. Each month will likely vary.
After reviewing your website we may make recommendations on any on-site work we feel may be helpful.


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