Photo Restoration & Old Photo Repair Services

We offer photo restoration, repair, retouching and editing services for many reasons, like removing scratches on photos, chips in the finish, adding a person to a photo, removing a person from a photo, removing an object or adding an object in a photo. Sometimes an edited photo is great for a practical joke, a good laugh in a slideshow, etc. Most commonly we are asked to repair old photographs. Old photos were often folded to fit into a person’s wallet or picture frame but now the photo may have a new purpose, like in a proper size frame or in a slideshow for a family event and needs to be cleaned up or repaired. Old photos can also be washed out by the sunlight.

While we are located in Center Barnstead, NH (a small town between Alton NH and Pittsfield NH) we are able to service clients worldwide. We work with photos that are scanned and sent electronically or we can scan the photo for you. Please note that we cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged photos but will make every effort to be sure you receive the original in the same condition you sent it to us. If you are sending a photo and want the original returned, we will need to add for shipping. We do not return photos in a plain envelope, we like to make sure they are as safe as possible!


There are no minimums! Most photo restorations, and retouching services are under $40 for a single photo. If extensive work is needed the cost may exceed $100. We offer huge discounts for multiple photos (as low as $9/each). The above prices are common costs, once we see the photo(s) and discuss your expectations we can give you a much better estimate.

In most cases we can complete your project within 24-48 hours.

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