Reputation Management Company in NH: A MUST READ!

Your online reputation is important these days. Making sure your online reputation is clean is very important whether a business’s reputation or an individual’s reputation! Seems that everyone is checking out businesses online before making a purchase or doing background checks on people before hiring them or dating.

So how do you get rid of the negative results that appear on search engines about you or your business quickly? The absolute best and fastest way is to NOT do it yourself! Now don’t go clicking that “back” button just yet! Hear me out… Many people think they can do this on their own, it looks easy, its right in front of you right? Well I can tell you we’ve seen a lot of people try it on their own and the results have not been good. We did a test on 10 people who called our office but then decided to do it on their own. We monitored their online reputation at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year intervals. Eight of these people had absolutely no change at all, one of them got worse, much worse! They ended up getting scammed by asking one of the webmasters to remove the bad content, an arrest record. They did it for a high price but then added the person’s arrest record to over 20 more websites to try to get more money from them, which they did. In the end they spent thousands of dollars and ended up on even more websites than they appeared on before they attempted to clear up their own online reputation!

Unfortunately, this is one of those situations in life that you really need to hire someone. We use our web knowledge to help push the bad stuff down on search engines which requires an experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. We have very powerful websites already in place that we can also use to help you. Since some of the ways we can help you are already established it helps speed up the process of making the negative information about you or your business reputation or personal reputation sink on search results!

Unlike many other online reputation services we don’t charge huge amounts of money to perform these services. Some popular reputation management companies charge thousand of dollars EVERY MONTH! This is not normally needed unless you are one of the most popular people or businesses on the planet!

IF YOU HAVE BEEN ARRESTED… BEWARE! Recently we have found there are a number of scams out there! These people find out you have been arrested, find your mug shot and place it on a bunch of their OWN websites then tell you they can have it removed for a fee, never telling you they actually own the sites! As soon as you pay, they place your photo on other sites and the scam keeps pumping your money out of your wallet! Dealing with these people is not recommended! If you feel you are a victim of this scam please call your local police!

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